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A Week In Review

occupy paWe have passed that 1-month mark with our 24-hour occupation and life is running smoothly on camp. Each day brings new challenges, and new reasons to rejoice.

Last week I read in the Morning Call that there is now a lawsuit that may delay the construction of the Arena. It looks like our comments about the abuse of eminent domain have reached the right ears finally. The entity that has filed the suit has stated that they do not see this as something that is for the community as residents will still have to purchase tickets. Those behind the Arena Project contend that they will allow the schools to use it for graduations and the like. The first thing that popped into my head after reading that? “Yeah, sure they will, for a price.” It is, however, refreshing to know that all the noise we make on a local level doesn’t just fall on deaf ears. I can only hold onto my belief that the same thing is happening nationwide with the broader Occupy Movement. I still believe that the collective is being heard, but that our lawmakers are slow to respond- how not unusual.

The Occupy Movement is starting to settle in for the winter all over. Here in Allentown, we are still asking for donations of wooden pallets. We will be using them to lift the tents off the ground for the winter to allow for enhanced drainage, as well as to help to preserve precious body heat. We have received one delivery, but not enough of them yet, we are asking for some more to help keep us in place throughout the winter.

Saturday in camp we held two General Assemblies, discussion topics included preparedness for the Halloween parade as well as our thoughts on outreach to the community. We are still in the planning phases of a Thanksgiving event as well as a Black Friday occupation.

Sunday’s occupation of the Allentown Halloween parade was remarkable. Our numbers were enough to be seen, and a small group from Tamaqua Helped to get us the ability to march IN the parade. I can only imagine what people were thinking as we marched down the street chanting. We handed out TONS of fliers, which caused our web site’s unique hits to Soar! It also appears that this may have helped our donations list a bit, there are many things that we are in need of still, so please take a look and give a hand. Most of all we still need people. Each new person who arrives at camp brings new energy and reignites the flame that drives us forward. Without that, we would run out of steam.

Until next week I will keep up the fight on the street front, keep supporting us!

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