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Be Heard! Demand a response from local politicians.

On Friday, October 28th, 2011 the members of Occupy Allentown began contacting local officials for their public opinions of the Occupy Movement as well as examples of their personal efforts to aid “the 99%”. We also contacted several local media outlets to encourage them to ask our local politicians these same questions.

If for no other reason than to force our politicians to educate themselves about the issues facing “the 99%” … we are encouraging YOU to get involved!

Michael-DAmoreMichael D’Amore (Allentown City Council President)

Michael D’Amore spoke publicly about “Occupy” during the Oct. 19th, 2011 City Council meeting.

An audio recording of his comments can be heard here

“Last week I had the occasion to stop by the Occupy Allentown demonstration and speak with some of our fellow citizens who’ve spent a great deal of time there, in the last few weeks including camping out overnight. This is at the corner of Seventh and Hamilton street.

My visit was prompted by an article in the Morning Call that indicated that their first amendment rights might possibly be compromised by the city, and I was greatly concerned by that. After speaking personally with the solicitor, Mr. Snyder, and the police chief, Mr. Maclean, I was assured that the first amendment rights of these citizens would be protected by the city, and I want to thank those officials as well as Mayor Pawlowski, for ensuring that free speech and free expression continues in the city of Allentown.

I applaud the citizens of Occupy Allentown and encourage my colleges to stop by and have a dialog with the folks at Seventh and Hamilton street. I found after speaking with many of them, even as we spoke on issues where there is disagreement, such as eminent domain for the arena, that the people I spoke with were very committed to social change and were reflecting a deep seeded concern for the future of our country and that is something that many of us share.

So I salute them and support them.”

Get involved now!

Thank you for your support!

A Week In Review

It’s been almost 1 month from the day Occupy Allentown went 24/7, and the occupation has grown to become an entity of its own. Many people in the community thought that the first snowstorm would send us packing back to our respective homes. It is my extreme pleasure to say that it did not!
While the Lehigh Valley was socked by 8 inches of wet snow, the occupation continued with business as usual. I believe we may have been better prepared than the city in some respects. This is primarily due to the benevolent nature of our supporters.
Friday evening we blitzed Social networking sites detailing our need for things like shovels, ice melt, and warm clothing. All of those things arrived quickly! We were able to shovel and brush off tents on a regular basis, and none of the 12 structures at the occupation sustained any damage. The city, on the other hand, is still cleaning up downed limbs, and many people are still without power. This proved to be an exceptional trial run for what we all expect will be a messy winter. Even with all the work, we were still able to laugh and play a bit, proving that it will not be ALL hard work and no play.

The weekend also brought some welcome guests. Mitch from; “Pennsylvania from below”, an underground publication featuring articles that are pertinent to the lives and well-being of the residents of Pennsylvania came out to bring the Lehigh Valley occupations into his tour of PA. They interviewed a number of us asking what brought us out, what we hoped to accomplish, why we thought we were part of the 99% and other questions. They were great to have around and wonderful to talk to. I am looking forward to seeing their publication of Occupy Pennsylvania. I will keep you all informed of the release!
We also had a few guests arrive in the past week from other occupations. They came from Occupy Dc and Occupy Wall Street, bringing us insight and information as to how things are run on the large scale. We appreciated the fresh energy, and the enthusiasm they brought, and renewed in us!

On a side note, we are still awaiting replies to the letter that was sent out to various members of the chamber of commerce, city council, the mayor, and the local press. We will continue to wait with bated breath to our call asking what they are going to do to help be the change.

Upcoming events this weekend:

  • Saturday at 1 pm we will have a poetry workshop
  • Sunday we will be occupying the Allentown Halloween Parade.

Come out and visit!

– M.

Occupy Allentown Needs You

While we have had an overwhelming show of support from the community, there is a small rag-tag bunch that manages to keep the actual occupation of 7th & Hamilton Streets running. We feel that the occupation serves as an important symbol of the movement and without it, it would be increasingly difficult to effect change at home.

As we come up on the 1 month anniversary of #OccupyAllentown the very dedicated group of occupiers need a well-deserved day of rest. With that said, we are asking that you give just-a-little of your time to come down to 7th & Hamilton street, grab a sign, share your ideas, and physically show the community your personal support for the cause. We are a 24/7 occupation. So whether you conscientiously plan to come out for a while or just stop by for 30 minutes on your way home from work; any time that you can give, will be very much appreciated.

Additionally, If you did not already know, the Nov. 6th 2011 Allentown Halloween Parade route ends at 7th & Hamilton streets. Since this is coincidentally the same location as our Occupation, and also the location of the judging station for the parade, it is a great opportunity to come out and show the politicians in attendance as well as your community that you support Occupy Allentown and the Occupy Movement.

Bring a sign … bring a friend … and stand with us in peaceful protest to let it be known that the 99% cannot be ignored!

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