The Occupy Allentown protest started Monday, October 3rd, 2011 in solidarity with “Occupy Wall Street” and like-minded protests happening around the world. In a show of support we have occupied 7th and Hamilton streets, and starting Nov. 26th, 2011, we will occupy; Hamilton Blvd. and S. Ott St. in Allentown, PA

The purpose of our “occupation” is to draw attention to corporate greed, too big to fail bailouts, and the corruption of both political parties by big business.

There is no difference between either political party. Both have sold us out.

Will you join us?











This was 7 years ago. Where Are Your Efforts Today?

The Occupy movements have come and gone. However, the efforts of our Occupy movements led to an opening, or an awareness, that encompasses social justice. Many of those who participated in the movement are now working towards goals that, in general, help others, promote environmental awareness, civil rights, and many other acts of justice that aim towards a greater good.

Whether or not you participated in the Occupy movements, you must be visiting this site because you were inspired or felt compelled to do something yourself. There are many aspects of your everyday life where you make a difference ethically and socially. Where you shop, the types of products that you purchase and use, the kind of food that you eat, how you treat people, what you talk about….you can be a “revolutionary” in that sense. Although the Occupy movements are over, we are glad to have participated and created subsequent movements that exist today.